1. How can I use Gearfour.com for getting my car services or repaired?

Its simple! Visit www.gearfour.com, search for the garages based on type of work, location or simply by garage name. 

To get results specific to your needs, you need to register as a car-owner with your mail ID or Social Accounts. Update your car details online in a simple form and you are good to go. You can book appointments or contact garages directly. 


2. I have registered as a user and searched for a garage. But there is no option to book an appointment.

Booking an Appointment option is available only for the Verified Garages. Which means, these garage have been Verified by gearfour team and we can promise to give you the best services and experience.


3. What is a Complete Service History and how it is useful?

The Complete Service History is the complete record of services and repairs done for your car after the purchase.

A complete service history so was offered only by Agencies. However, in the first place, any user do not visit agencies for all their work. Secondly agencies are just too expensive. 

However, with gearfour.com, no mater which garage you choose, you get a real and Complete Service History in true sense. 

An authentic Complete Service History improves the overall resale value of the car. 


4. Does my car’s service history gets updated for all the work undertaken at the listed garages?

Service history is updated if you get your car serviced at any Verified Garages. This feature is not available for the garage which we haven’t verified. 


5. I directly called the garage and booked an appointment but the garage is not verified by Gearfour. How can I still get the service history?

You can ask the garage to register with Gearfour.com. All it requires is a simple form to be filled with some basic information of the garage. It is a simple process and we will be more than happy to help you with the history.


6. The Garage say they do not know about Gearfour.com. What should I do?

You can ask the garage to visit Gearfour.com. All they need to do is to register with Gearfour.com with some basic details. They can call us immediately for any assistance.


7. I have more than one Car. Can all the cars be added with same login Id?

Yes, you can add all your cars with the same Login Id. Simply go to “My Cars” section in your profile after login and choose “Add Car” option.


8. Can I Download the service history?

Yes, the service history can be downloaded in the form of a PDF File.


9. What is the Difference between verified and non-verified garage?

Verified Garages are the ones we have personally visited and verified. We verify the garages for various parameters like capacity, manpower, infrastructure etc. Additionally, we make sure the Garage information is accurate. In short, we try to optimize your experience when you visit the verified garages.