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Lord Ram was the earliest & best evangelist of Technology & Entrepreneurship !

Deepawali brings a lot of new perspectives every year. Indian crackers, Chinese crackers, no crackers,, no pollution, localization the list is endless. However, I was in a different tangent this year. I was pondering over the epic story of Ramayana with key interest in what exactly was going on at that time. What we know

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Nothing come free in this world – Why free feedbacks ?

Is their anything free in this world ? Nothing – besides a mother’s love and a father’s care. Rest costs more than a dime. Every time you use a product or a service, you are bombarded with messages and mailers, requesting how important your feedback is to them. And of course they will be humbled

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How to choose a good garage for your car

Maintaining a car can be a time consuming and nerve-racking affair. Cars are generally the most valuable possession after our homes . While maintaining a car at an agency gives some peace of mind, however it generally is a very costly affair and can rip off your pockets. Non agency garages are plenty and comes

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