How to choose a good garage for your car

Maintaining a car can be a time consuming and nerve-racking affair.

Cars are generally the most valuable possession after our homes . While maintaining a car at an agency gives some peace of mind, however it generally is a very costly affair and can rip off your pockets. Non agency garages are plenty and comes easy on our wallets. However selecting  the right one is a time consuming and mind boggling extravaganza. It is not a problem of availability, but which one to choose from thousands of garages.

As per Ministry of Economy, (Abu Dhabi), UAE alone has over 40,000 garages, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, servicing and maintaining a car is important to manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Whatever type of garage you choose you want the reassurance that the car is in safe and knowledgeable hands and is being serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

So how to decide which is the best garage to maintain your car?

Before we understand it further, a simple and sure shot way to find best garages near you is www. It has thousands of garages and also garages that are verified by You can compare ratings and also find exciting deals for your car.

This guide at first compares pros and cons of having a car serviced at a franchised dealer, an independent garage and a fast-fit chain. Then we look at the ways to find a good garage through different search options.

In a separate blog, we will talk about how much is the cost maintenance and repair for a car in its life span.


Comparing the three options 

Franchised Dealer

Getting your car maintained at agency gives some peace of mind, but it is a very costly affair.

The agency mechanics surely are trained well in their jobs, but they certainly charge a price for that. An agency can charge anywhere between 25% to 100% higher than a regular garage. This when compounded for shelf life of a car, runs into thousands of Dirhams. Its important to understand the maintenance and repair are two different things. Don’t be surprised to hear Car maintenance and repair can actually overshoot the cost of the car itself between 8-10 years.

Therefore keeping the cost low for both maintenance & repair is very important.

Various studies suggest, the use of franchised dealers are high for the initial years of a car. It the keeps declining. The break down of car increases as it gets old and therefore the repair cost at agencies are pretty high.

Non Agency Repair

The first mis-conception is about the validity of insurance if maintained at Non Agency.

The UAE Ministry of Economy (MoE) has abolished the requirement of compulsory maintenance of vehicles in the dealerships’ workshops for ensuring continued warranty, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper Emarat Al Youm, published in Feb 2016.

According to the report, until now, the condition of maintenance work in the dealership’s workshops was a prerequisite for continuation of the warranty contract between the car owner and agency. The new decision will allow maintenance work on vehicles under warranty in workshops outside those of the dealership/agency.

But the real problem starts now. There are over 40,000 garages in UAE. These come in all shapes and sizes and across Emirates.

  • Most garages specialize in few things and should be chosen for what they are best at
  • The costs in general are lower than agencies
  • They also offer more personalized services
  • Some also offer pick up and drop
  • You can also chose one, whose timing suits best as per your convenience

You can again find the best non agency garages at www. You can not only compare garages based on ratings and check prices but you can also find some compelling deals for your car.

The best thing is that, no matter which verified garage you choose, the garage generates the Invoice from gearfour platform. Once you rate the garage based on your experience, the invoice details are saved in your gearfour login. What it means is that, you get your car’s complete service history, that too absolutely free. Having complete service history for your car increases resale value of your car.

Till now, you could only get complete service history of you car, if you maintained at one single agency. And that is way too expensive. Plus, its not exactly complete service history, as one does not use the same agency for all car needs every time. You might consider buying tyres from a Tyre specialist or Tinting from tinting guys.

Bottomline is, choosing the best garage as per your car’s need and your own convenience is what you always want. Do some research and get the best for your car now. Keep driving.

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