Lord Ram was the earliest & best evangelist of Technology & Entrepreneurship !

Deepawali brings a lot of new perspectives every year. Indian crackers, Chinese crackers, no crackers,, no pollution, localization the list is endless. However, I was in a different tangent this year.

I was pondering over the epic story of Ramayana with key interest in what exactly was going on at that time. What we know of and read this text as is generally in a very religious way. But it seems there are a lot of knowledge and learnings which we actually miss.

For instance:

Lord Ram first goes to the woods with Sage Vishwamitra, on his request to help him fight the demons, who are obstructing in the Yagna “the sacred fire”. The second time he goes to exile for 14 years in woods as sought by his step mom “Kakaye”.

Both the times he doe not take any stuff from his dad King Dashratha. No money, no wealth, no arsenal, no weaponry, no soldiers, none at all. But he kills all the demons in the jungle. He also crosses the ocean and reaches Lanka and eventually kills Ravana.

So, the million dollar question is, if he doesn’t take any help from his kingdom, and still conquers all obstacles, then how he did it ?

  1. He uses local talent and nurtures them. He must have promoted the local ironsmiths to make Iron arsenals.
  2. He must have used the carpenters to make bows and arrows
  3. He must have used the weavers to make some fantastic clothes. Of-course 14 years is a long time to go on leaves. The royalty and people in general used to wear lot of fine silk and gold. Also Sarees were so fine, that they were woven out of gold yarns.So, technology must have been available.
  4. He used Nal & Neel, who were probably much more than Civil & Architectural Engineers, who created marvelous bridge on the ocean that still exists. Most of the older creations, the forts and fortress still exist which only used some form of lime stone. Cement is relatively new technology used in all modern civil works,  probably since 200 – 250 odd years. And cement structures barely last for few decades. If you go to mumbai, decade is also a long time. All buildings look like some abstract paintings done in cement.
  5. Even Hanuman could fly in air and cross oceans. He used some mind boggling cellular chemistry, which could expand and contract his body cells in seconds. Lord Ram was also smart enough to take his immense help.

So, basically, looking all these years in exile, he must have created such a wonderful ecosystem of technology guys and entrepreneurs.  The epic story very subtly hints at all the technology and technology providers Lord Rama used in his conquest for truth over evil.

Must we then say, Ramayana is actually a book of technology ?

PS : All 101 siblings of Duryodhana came out of the same lump of flesh. They were the incubated in bottles. So, cloning was known then ?